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British Columbia


There are actually two Pender’s – South and North Pender Island. Connected by a little bridge it is easy to explore both of them. They are also part of the Gulf Islands National Park and actually the incredible range of wildlife on land and sea blew us away. Besides a lot of artist and writers live on the islands, which didn’t surprise us anymore after we experienced the very inspiring atmosphere.


We felt like we are becoming a part of the nature while our stay at this delightful airbnb. Located in the middle of the woods, the countless windows in like each little corner of this cabin give you natural light everywhere. Also the absolute silence at night and the beautiful bird sounds in the morning were a welcoming contrast to our fast-paced city life.


We not only wanted to explore the land, so for the sea we decided for Pender Islands Kayak Adventures – actually one of only two kayak rentals on the island. There are so many beautiful things you can explore along the coastline. Besides observing the cute seals and majestic eagles, we had the chance to fish some really massive sea stars out of the water. Also let a guide show you the funny sea anemones. Don’t be shy, touch it and see what happens!


Oak Bluffs Park is a viewpoint out of this world. After a short trail, we were standing on the edge of a southwest cliff overlooking several layers of islands all the way to Olympic National Park range and Mt Baker in the USA.


A trip to Brooks Point Regional Park leads you the whole way down to the end of South Pender Island. We really enjoyed the scenic drive and also had the unbelievable luck of seeing Orcas passing by.


At the far end of the Roesland trail you’ll find a cute bench, which is inviting to stay a little longer. You should enjoy a beautiful sunset there. Or make your way to one of the tiny hidden west beaches north of Port Washington.


The Saturday mornings Farmers Market is definitely the first place to go and shop! The gorgeous local vendors have so much to offer, we didn’t know what to try and buy first. You will find everything you need and even a little bit more. Do not miss the divine homemade Pender Islands Pasta as well as the yummy jams at the Gulf Islands Gourmet Preserves stand. And don’t forget to gourmandize trough the never ending treats of the numerous pastry & cake vendors.


After you have tasted the delicious wine selection at the Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyards you should enjoy the live music at their beautiful sun deck. We opened a bottle of our favourite wine and had a charcuterie board from the local food truck. A short stroll over the vineyard hills is also a must do.


A perfect first stop after the ferry ride is the lovely Vanilla Leaf Bakery Café.


The brunch café and restaurant Jo`s Place is absolutely on our list for the next visit.


You can find the Gulf Islands Gourmet Preserves not only at the Saturdays Farmers Market. They also sell their artisan delicious jams, chutneys and jellies in a store.


Craving for something sweet? Pender Chocolates will support you with delicious bits and presents for the beloved ones.