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Valentine's Dinner

It was a quite funny coincidence to get seated at the exact same spot as one year before, just in a different restaurant and completely different atmosphere. Our neighbourhood Italian restaurant Campagnolo Roma closed recently, so our annual Valentine’s dinner just happened at a new spot called Dachi (Japanese for ‘Pal’). We were super curious about that new concept and saved a spot for the 14th February already one month before ;) maybe a little bit overreacted, but hey… it was worth it!


The first impression was that this space is really well designed and you feel welcome and comfortable immediately. We loved the combination of dark warm colors in a bright minimalistic room. It almost appears like a large living and dining room, filled with a bookshelf, lots of flowers and warm light installations. As Miki (one of the owners) told us later, she brought some of her own flowers into the restaurant, so her own flat is almost empty now. And you can feel that love for details!

The farm-to-table concept is really well implemented. It’s authentic and simple rather than just fancy and pricy. On the first sight you’ll think that it is a smallish menu, but the plates are definitely not too small and the motto ‘sharing is caring’ works perfectly!

We can highly recommend:

  • Burrata with toasted seeds, radicchio and anjour pear

  • Country fried Steelhead Trout with salted beets and horseradish gribiche

  • Twenty four hour roasted beef Chuck Flat

  • 72% cocoa Chocolate ganache, meringue, hazelnut streusel and pear vanilla puree


Each dish was well balanced and brilliant. Sometimes we experience an amazing main dish but the appetiser or deserts are nowhere near as good. The food here was constantly delicious and we got the best imaginable Valentine’s dinner ever! Thank you guys! We’ll definitely be back very soon.