Best Locations For Cherry Blossom Photography

You probably expect Vancouver to be a very green city anyway, but did you know about the over 40.000 cherry trees too? Well, everything started in the 1930s, when Japan presented the Park Board of Vancouver with 500 cherry trees to honour the Japanese Canadians who served in World War I. Smitten by the pretty blooming trees the city continued planting and here we are today. Vancouver even has its own annual Sakura Festival and a “blooming now” neighbourhood map. So if you want to enjoy the fleeting beauty of cherry blossom in Vancouver, March and April are the best months to go for our favourite spots.

Strathcona (Hawks Ave / Kiefer St)


The clouds of blossoms in this street have an intense pink mixed with soft white. It’s such a pretty color play, especially with the urban surrounding and the industrial buildings in the background.We had gorgeous golden light in the afternoon hours here. When you walk over the pedestrian bridge at Raymur Ave, you can also find some great cherry trees at Vernon Dr / Adanac St.

Queen Elisabeth Park


Besides Stanley Park and Cambie Boulevard, the Queen Elisabeth Park is one of the locations where the first cherries got planted. On the west side of the park you’ll find most of these iconic pretty trees. That’s also the spot where the annual “Big Picnic” takes place to celebrate a Japanese tradition called hanami, which translates into “cherry blossom viewing”.

Hastings Sunrise (Graveley St / Lillooet St)

For us, it’s the most impressive street in terms of cherry blossom! Not just because of the massive old trees, but the enormous canopy of blossoms that covers the whole street. That’s why this location is packed with people taking selfies and posing literally everywhere. That is also why the residents are very stressed out here! So please make sure to be respectful, don’t hang out in anyone’s garden or driveway and be aware of passing cars. Just come early in the morning, the light is prettier then anyway.

Kitsilano (Point Grey Rd)

While a stroll through Kitsilano you’ll pass several cherry trees and each of them is worth watching. We find the Point Grey Road is a great location to enjoy cherry blossoms combined with the view on English Bay.

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